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Laundry Color Care Tips and Tricks

Bold hues give off a happy feeling, which is probably why most people like a pop of color in their clothes. Preventing the color from fading could be such a big problem, however. The more these garments are washed, the more they fade.

Washed out garments can be such a pain in the eyes. To avoid looking drab and dowdy, here are some basic tips in color care that must be kept in mind. You can get more instructions from The Laundry Center website.



1. Organize laundry by color intensity

Before diving into the actual washing process, sort out clothes into brights and pastels. Keep those with the same hues together. This will prevent the colors from bleeding into the paler fabrics.


2. Choose the right detergent

Make the clothes’ vibrancy last by using detergents that prevent color loss and fading. There is a large selection of specially formulated cleaners in the market. Opting for the shortest cycle and lowest heat setting in your washing machine also helps.


3. Use the correct temperature

Check the care labels of your clothing in order to know which to use for different garments. Cold water is more appropriate for washing colored fabrics. It is less likely to fade colors and do less damage to delicate garments. Most color care detergents also work best in cold temperature.


4. Treat stains before washing

You can pre-treat colored clothes for tough stains. A little detergent or stain remover will do. Make sure to rub it into the fabric and allow it to work for several minutes. Wash the garment as you normally do after pre-treating.


5. Turn clothes inside out

Most damages on clothes come from washing. Fabrics rub together and create unsightly fuzz balls. To prevent wear and tear, turn the garment inside out. This will prevent them from pilling.


6. Avoid overdrying

This is particularly bad for bright colors. Overdrying can cause clothes to lose their vibrancy. Make sure that the garments are still slightly damp when pulled from the dryer.


7. Add vinegar

One practical tip in color care is to add a cup of vinegar to your washing machine. It helps prevent colors from fading, with the added bonus of being a natural fabric softener. Do not worry about the smell. It goes away in the wash.